Cudowne Miejsce w Magicznym Zakątku Mazur – zapraszamy!

Booking Conditions


In the case of a guaranteed reservation i.e. confirmed with a credit card, bank transfer or cash – 50% of the value of the package/stay is subject to payment, always in accordance with the documents received by the Guest from the Gleboczek Vine Resort&Spa.


In the case of the cancellation of a stay which has already been charged for guaranteed reservation – the money transferred will not be refunded. However, the Gleboczek Vine Resort&Spa may offer the Guest another convenient term for the realization of the cancelled stay within 30 days and according to the availability of rooms. If the reservation applies to long weekends or holidays, the money charged will not be refunded and may not be used for the sake of another booking.


The Guest is required to settle all the payment or its remaining amount for the package/stay at the check-in. Should the Guest refuse payment, the receptionist is obliged to withold the key to the room. Additional services ordered during the stay are due to be settled at the Reception when the amount  exceeds 1,000 PLN.


The hotel reserves the right to demand payment in advance in the case of first-time visitors. Should a Guest refuse payment, the recetionist is obliged to withold the key to the room.

The receptionist has the right to ask the Guest to settle the bill sooner than at the check-out when the extra services ordered by the Guest exceed 1,000 PLN.

Should the smell of tobacco smoke be clearly present in a Guest’s room, the Guest will be charged with the cost of disinfection and dearomatization of the room, amounting to 900 PLN.


  • Prior to the check-in the Guest is obliged to show to the reception worker a document with a photo confirming the Guest’s identity. Should the Guest refuse to show a document enabling their check-in, the receptionist is obliged to withold the ket to the room.
  • Rooms at the hotel are rented for nights. A hotel night lasts from 15.00 on the day of renting until 12.00 the following day.
  • If the Guest does not define the duration of their stay at the check-in, it will be assumed that the room is rented for one night.
  • The request to prolong the stay over the period indicated at the arrival should be made at the reception until 10.00 on the day when the original stay expires, which does not oblige the hotel in any way. The hotel will fulfil the Guest’s request to prolong their stay on the basis of room availability.
  • Staying in the room or leaving any belongings inside after 12.00 is understood as prolonging the stay. Should a Guest leave the room after 12.00 the computer programme will automatically add 50% of one night’s stay to the Guest’s bill.
  • The Guest may not pass the room on to others even if the hotel night they had paid for has not yet expired.
  • Visitors from outside our hotel may stay in the Guests’ rooms between 7.00 and 00.
  • A visitor’s staying in our Guest’s room after 22.00 is equivalent to the Guest’s consent to add charge on extra guests in the room. Accomodating every additional person will be done according to the price list available in the hotel reception.
  • Guest are required to respect the hotel curfew between 22.00 until do 6.00.
  • During curfew the Guests and vistors using our serviced are required to behave in such a way so as not to disturb the peace of other Guests’ stay in any possible way.
  • The Guest is held fully responsible in material and legal terms for any damage or destruction of objects belonging to the hotel equipment resulting from their own actions or the actions of their visitors.
  • Due to fire safety policy the use of water heaters, irons and other electrical appliances which do not belong to the hotel equipment it is strictly forbidden. The above does not apply to chargers and power supplies for electronic devices and computers.
  • It is forbidden to use open flame on the premises of the hotel without the hotel management consent.
  • Every time on leaving the room the Guest should check if the door is properly closed. The hotel’s responsibility for lost or damaged property reported by the Guest is regulated by Article 846-849 of the Code of Civil Procedure. The hotel’s responsibilty is limited if the property has not been not deposited in the reception. The hotel has the right to refuse to deposit cash, securities and items with substantial worth, especially valuables and items with scientific or artistic value, also when the item constituting a threat to security, have excessive value as to the size and standard of the hotel or occupy too much space.
  • The hotel provides services in accordance with its category and standard. In case a Guest shoul raise objections as to the quality of the provided service, the Guest is kindly requested to report them to the reception as soon as possible, which will enable the hotel to react appropriately.
  • Personal objects abandoned by the Guests in their rooms will be sent back to the address provided by the Guest at their own expense. If such disposition is not issued, the hotel will keep the objects for three month, after which they will be donated to charity or to public use.
  • Should any of the regulations of this list be infringed, the hotel may refuse to discontinue services to the person responsible. In this case, the person is obliged to comply to the demands of the hotel staff as soon as possible, as well as to settle all charges up to the moment, pay for the damage done and leave the premisses of the hotel.
  • In the case when the smell of tobacco smoke is clearly discernible in the room, the Guest will be charged with the cost of disinfection and dearomatization amounting to 900 PLN.
  • The hotel may refuse to admit a Guest who previously seriously infringed the hotel regulations, causing damage to the hotel’s or other guests’ property, or to other guests themselves as well as the staff and other people on the premisses, or who in other ways disturbed the peace and quiet in the hotel.