Cudowne Miejsce w Magicznym Zakątku Mazur – zapraszamy!

Vine SPA

The Gleboczek Vine Resort & Spa is the only Polish holiday resort completely devoted to the delights of wine, and in which body care is fully based on wine therapy. At the same time, it is one of the best SPAs available in the Masurian Lakeland.

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The Gleboczek Vine Exclusive SPA cosmetic line on the basis of which all treatments are performed, are products created especially for us from grapes of Merlot, Shiraz and Carignan varieties. The products are rich in polyphenols and they contain numerous active ingredients from plant oils as well as the main ingredient, Vniderm®, harvested from vinyards of southern France. The purchase of the available products from the Gleboczek Vine Exclusive SPA line makes them a perfect keepsake after the stay in our hotel.

Body treatment and wine bath

At the Vine SPA we offer a wide range of relaxation treatments based on wine therapy. The Guests can use, among others: wine bath, grapeseed peelings or wine mask body pads.

Swimming-pool, Brodnica bath

At the Vine SPA there is a swimming-pool, vitality pool, Brodnica bath area – aromatherapeutic sauna, flower steam bath and peat mud bath inspired by the surroundings of Brodnica Lakeland, characterized by relaxation-favouring atmosphere.


Area devoted to relaxation treatment. Its main element is the AlphaLounger cradle which introduces the user into the state of deep, meditation-like Alpha relaxation.

Therapy and relaxation

The main component of our treatment are various herbal inhalations of therapeutic properties. They have been enriched in clay pads brimming with microelements as well as detoxifying-relaxing massage. The AlphaLounger Cradle sessions are a unique form of relaxation contributing to creative thinking.